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Inspirational Thoughts and Scriptures

In a thread on the discussion forum a few years ago, members were asked to supply some of their favorite inspirational sayings. Here are some of them: Be the first to like. Like Unlike See Also Going With the FlowCapturing: Bringing God into Your Life by Writing.Following Your Heart, Following God, When Life Is Out […]

Treatment and Healing of Pornographic and Sexual Addictions

by Dr.Victor B. Cline, PhD – April 1999 (used with permission) In over 25 years I have treated approximately 350 males afflicted with sexual addictions (sometimes referred to as: sexual compulsions). In about 94% of the cases I have found that pornography was a contributor, facilitator or direct causal agent in the acquiring of these […]

An Equal Harm

An Analysis of Acting In Behavior based on Patrick J. Carnes’ Don’t Call It Love Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D. Don’t Call It Love February 1992, Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Paperback, 390pp. ($15.95 US) Be the first to like. Like Unlike See Also Treatment and Healing of Pornographic and Sexual AddictionsAre You Addicted?From Muck to […]

Repentance/12 Steps Comparison

When Paul H. first founded this site, he wrote a few articles to get things started. The following was a comparison he made between the steps of repentance as taught in the Church to the 12 steps. Be the first to like. Like Unlike See Also Quitting. Again.More Subtil Than All the Beasts of the […]

The ‘C’ Word

A friend of mine attended the local ARP meetings for awhile until financial and family pressures made him quit. He is doing well and continues his struggle with some success. I have never attended ARP meetings or any other 12-step for my issues, mostly because I don’t struggle with acting out. I have been to […]