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Glimpsing Our True Nature

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Glimpsing Our True Nature The apostle Paul reminded us that, “For now, we see through a glass, darkly. . . .” (1 Corinthians 13:12). In my work, I have wondered whether our view as mortals is ever more dim than when we turn to look at ourselves. […]

Advice from Recovering Addicts

A few years ago, we compiled some advice from some of our subscribers. Here it is. The road to recovery is fraught with difficulties, sometimes of our own making. Some of our participants here at LDSR have identified some of the pitfalls they have encountered. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Delivered From Bondage – Personal Story by Duane

Used by permission I am the son of a Seminary teacher. My father, the Seminary teacher, beat his wife and children. I am the oldest of seven other siblings; therefore a total of eight children. I was introduced to pornography at a very young age. I remember finding crime magazines in my dad.s closet that usually […]

Identifying Your Primary Compulsive Cycle

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Identifying Your Primary Compulsive Cycle Bart was a successful investment broker and entrepreneur who came in to get help because he was having a more and more difficult time resisting his sexual impulses. As sexual sin became more compelling to Bart, he worked harder than ever to […]

Personal Stories: Carl

I was raised in an active LDS family. I am the oldest of seven kids. I have four brothers and two sisters. I never noticed any deficiencies with my parents while growing up. Only recently have I noticed a possible deficiency with my father. He was recently diagnosed as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). My mother […]

A Matter of Courtesy

One of the features of a sexual addiction, and probably any addiction, is difficulty with clear thinking. When addiction reigns, thoughts are unpredictable and often not grounded in truth. That is one of the reasons that the twelve steps refer to restoring a person to sanity. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

Enduring Temptation

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Enduring Temptation Sherm was up in arms. At times it seemed to him like all of his efforts were paying off. However, the fact temptation could return so powerfully in weak moments like it often did made him wonder whether he would ever be able to regain […]

Personal Stories: Bill3

Bill3 Hi. My name is Bill and I am a s#x addict. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

The Value of Pain

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. The Value of Pain One day my neighbor and I were setting the posts for a fence to go between our yards. As I dropped one of the 4x4s into the ground, I felt splinters of wood going into my hand. The stinging told me that there […]

Personal Stories: A.K.

A.K. I don’t like remembering my childhood. It was filled with anger and, at times, violence. I’m not sure when sexuality entered into my life. I feel like I’ve always been addicted. I was told when I was older that my mother showed me hard-core pornography to teach me about sexuality. I was also told […]