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Where Are the Nine?

At the feast that is life, some people come to the table only to eat and not to serve. Many things are there of which to partake, but no food is quite so sweet as the joy of serving. As the banquet is laid before us, we often take no thought for those who clean, […]

Going With the Flow

I finally went to college in my forties and graduated at fifty. It’s an accomplishment that I claim some pride in, since I’m the first generation in all of my lineage to get a college degree. It felt good and it has been of great value to me. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

How to Comment

Commenting around here requires surmounting two barriers to entry. The first, and simplest, is the technical requirements for leaving a comment. The second, and hardest, has to do with finding one’s voice and being willing to talk about the topics this website is about. Be the first to like. Like Unlike