Help. Hope. Healing.


I often hear about how important a spiritual program is to healing from sexual addiction.  Along with that goes the routine emphasis that other programs are not as important and often distractions from the sound principles of prayer, scripture reading, and meditation. It often seems to be an either/or proposition, to the effect that, one […]

The Good That I Would Do

If good intentions were building materials, I would like to inhabit a mighty fortress of my own making. I would be perfect, for such is my desire. I am filled with many righteous desires and plans, but they rarely become more than simple optimism. My good intentions frequently become sins of commission or sins of […]

A Gentle Path

I have a friend that I met over the Internet, not same-sex attracted like me, but struggling nevertheless with an addiction to pornography. He usually seeks my help and advice through email, but I got a call from him last night. We had a very long talk. He had been doing very well and then […]

Capturing: Bringing God into Your Life by Writing.

This concept of “capturing” is taken entirely from Colleen Harrison, and is described in her book He Did Deliver Me from Bondage, which I recommend to every English-speaking member of the Church. This article is a summary of the idea in my words, with an example thrown in. Many of the ideas are Colleen’s, and […]

Did You Think to Pray?

One of the most interesting phenomena I see is when people slip in their recovery, after expressing a complete understanding of the efficacy of prayer against temptation, yet failing to put it into practice. I know this to be true in my own life. In fact, I have written a lot about the importance of […]