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What is the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program ?

What is the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program?
In short the program is an Atonement Utilization Program–or in other words Repentance for Dummies
It is a 12-step program centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ, teaching how to utilize the Atonement in behalf of those who suffer from addictions and weaknesses.

The Supremacy of the Gradual

I’ve been operating recovery resources for individuals who struggle with various problems for about ten years now (Clean-LDS and There has been a pattern with people who come to these sites and others I’ve been involved in. I think the majority come because they’ve been looking all over for the fastest and easiest road […]

The Supremacy of the Internal

With all of the tools and resources that exist for dealing with difficult problems, like same-sex attraction, it can be difficult to sort out what is best and most helpful. Not all of the choices are equal, even when they all share the same goal. In The Supremacy of the Personal, I spelled out why […]