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New LDSR Poll

By Rex Goode


I have installed a new plugin for the LDSR site that allows me to create a poll and display the results. I want to find out something about the site readers. You can either vote on the poll in the sidebar to the left or here:

What is your interest in LDSR?

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2 Responses to “New LDSR Poll”

  1. robnorth said:

    Sorry, Rex, I haven’t been here in, like, forever. My bad.

    But I’m a sucker for polls. %-)

    I would have chosen “I deal with it and use a non-LDS 12-step group AND an LDS 12-step group for support,” but you didn’t have that choice. I’ve always told people that I need both sides. It’s been a little tricky for the last 5 months, living in California without a car; there are two SA meetings in walking distance, but the three nearest ARP/PASG meetings are all 12-13 miles away. But my family’s moving down to join me tomorrow, so I’ll be able to start going to ARP again.

    Anyhow. There’s my 2 cents.

    Robert S

  2. Rex Goode said:

    Hi, Robert. It’s great to see you and get an update. It’ll be great to have your family with you again. How are you dealing with the warmth?

    My daughter and her family are moving to Modesto from Tacoma.

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