Help. Hope. Healing.

Quitting. Again.

I’m not in a great place in my head right now. I’m a little bit of a mess — not nearly as much of a mess as I’ve been the last month or so, but still a bit of a mess. I’m writing this now because some of the folks who come here are a […]

Rebuilding Trust

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Rebuilding Trust Rebuilding trust, particularly with one’s spouse, can be one of the greatest challenges in the process of recovering from a sexual addiction. There are many reasons for this. A spouse who has been deceived and wronged is understandably hesitant to open her or his heart […]

Bloggernacle Samples – 4/4/09

Here are a few interesting posts from other Mormon blogs relevant to this site: Healing From Pornography Addiction Are Mormons Crazy for Porn? Brain Plasticity and Pornography Modesty and Body Image Feel free to respond to any topics at these other sites or even here. Let me know if you run across anything relevant to […]

Shafts in the Whirlwind

I remember seeing a documentary on one of those cable channels about what a tornado can do with just a few sticks. The force of the wind is so strong that it can force a small piece of wood through a wall. A larger projectile does all the more damage, impaled in solid structures with […]