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When You’re Done Fighting Alone

I think that the biggest temptation with sexual, and any other, addiction is to deal with it completely alone, in isolation. There are so many things working against those of us who struggle with sexual addiction. It takes more than the internal struggle that we can do inside ourselves. 2 people like this post. Like […]

How to Be a Successful Newbie on LDSR

Coming to LDSR is something usually done in a mixture of sadness and hope. The sadness usually comes from yet another experience where we thought we had our sexual behavior under control, but didn’t. The hope is that an LDS oriented environment will be the trick that will make this time different, that this time […]

Happy Mother’s Day

On this day, when we in America celebrate mothers, I want to wish all mothers who visit this site a very happy Mother’s Day. It may seem like a strange place for such a greeting, considering the focus of this site. However, it seems to me that mothers here, whether dealing with addiction or with […]