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Introducing LDSR Mobile

By Rex Goode


I’m happy to announce the implementation of our support forums in a format more friendly to mobile devices such as smart phones. Some of the features of our support forums are now implemented on a smaller window so that people with mobile devices can post, read, and reply.

You can get to the mobile version of the support forums at After you log in with your usual username and password, you’ll be taken to a list of all messages you haven’t read yet. You can read and reply

At the bottom of the list of unread messages, you can choose to look at all recent threads in all boards. You can restore any thread in that list to fully “unread” status in case you want to go back and review the messages in it.

If you haven’t joined our support forums yet, please consider it. It is a different username and log in than what you use to participate in the blog. Go to to register.

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