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Article Deleted

By Rex Goode


I have deleted the article that was here about masturbation. I originally allowed it because I’m all in favor of discussions about the issues that we face. I believe that we should be able to talk about things of concern to us.

No one here at this site speaks for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This means that any discussion of doctrine is purely the opinion of those who write on the blogs.

I am willing to allow posts and comments that speculate about what the doctrine may be. I’m willing to allow for people who are struggling to accept the doctrine of the Church. I’m not willing to give the impression that this site condones the idea that the leaders of the Church are not inspired or are wrong about the doctrine.

I apologize to anyone who spent time on discussing the article. Your comments have necessarily been deleted along with the post itsel.f


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One Response to “Article Deleted”

  1. victory said:

    Rex.. I agree it is best to delete the article, based on the comments about church leaders being wrong on the masturbation issue. To me it all comes down to a matter of testimony. If the prophets (past and present) are called of God, then each of us needs to choose whom we will serve. I certainly don’t understand all the works of God, but I trust the church leaders to be inspired and teaching God’s will. To me it is better to be on the safe side and not find out in heaven that they were indeed right. By then it is too late. As for masturbation, I have read many more articles against it than for it but that depends on the beliefs of the writers.. so goes the philosophies of men.

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