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Rescuing the Daily Journal

A Last-Ditch Effort

By Rex Goode


For many years, LDSR has been a place where Latter-day Saints affected by sexual addiction have been able to get support from others in similar circumstances. In the past three or four years, participation has been dwindling and now is down to nothing in a very long time. I had in mind to just discontinue the support forums and just keep the literature and blog intact.As I have pondered and prayed about it, I have felt convicted in my heart that much of the failing has been mine. I hoped others would post but I didn’t make it a priority for myself. I’m not really dealing with any addictive behaviors related to sex addiction, haven’t for a very long time, but I still feel an obligation to be supportive of others who are.

I have struggled to find how I could participate in a forum where others are dealing with behavior I long ago abandoned. Every support I might offer would be from the standpoint of a distant struggle.

I have decided to make a last-ditch effort to rescue the Daily Journal. I feel moved to make myself vulnerable and talk there about my food addiction. I hope that others will join in and feel comfortable talking more about their own issues, whether they be about sex or food addiction. The Daily Journal remains to be on the topic of sexual addiction, but there are enough parallels between the two addictions to make everything being said to be useful to either.

I invite you to see what I have already written there, respond, and seek support. Comments are also welcome.

To get to the Daily Journal, you will need an LDSR account, which you can register for on the main page. If you have trouble, contact me here through the contact form or even respond to this blog post. I will sort out the problem and get you going, confidentially, of course.

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