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The Daily Journal Returns


By Rex Goode


About sixteen years ago, I inherited Latter-day Sexual Recovery (LDSR) when it’s founder, Paul, felt it was time to move on. The main feature of LDSR is The Daily Journal, intended for Latter-day Saints affected by sexual addiction to participate in an online forum to get and receive support. It was open to those who struggle with sexual addiction, their spouses, family members, and any other interested party. Participation was anonymous, except for people who chose reveal their identity.

It lasted a good many years, but participation dwindled down to almost a trickle. All of the programming for The Daily Journal and the whole of LDSR was done by me. It became unwieldy to maintain and I went in search of a content management system (CMS) to help me. I discovered WordPress and installed in on the site. I transferred all of the articles and essays to blog format.

WordPress was perfect for the kind of information that was on LDSR, but it wasn’t much good as a bulletin board or forum system. For one thing, it was very difficult to restrict access for the sake of security. In other words, it was too difficult and time-consuming to block people out that were problems.

I tried leaving the forum running on the forum system I invented, but it was far too complicated for users. You could log in on the Daily Journal or you could log into the blog. You could log into both, but they were separate usernames and passwords.

Along came bbPress, a WordPress plugin that allowed me to integrate a forum system into the the WordPress blog system with a single username/password for each user. Now, when people log in, they can respond to the blog or participate in The Daily Journal without logging in twice.

One problem remained. The bbPress system doesn’t let you restrict access. I solved that with a plugin I wrote, called “Forum Restrict”. With it, I can pick and choose who I allow to post in the forums. Now that it is up and working, I’m ready to open up The Daily Journal again to those Latter-day Saints who are looking for support for sexual addiction.

Assuming that you are looking at this post on LDSR, look up to the right at the top. There should be a heading that says “Forums” and a link to The Daily Journal. You have to be a registered user of this site. For help with that, email me via this interface.

Rex Goode

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