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Founder’s Message

Welcome to this web site devoted to the support and help of Latter-day Saints who are desirous of overcoming sexual addiction/compulsion in their lives. This site is not sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is written by members of the Church who are recovering sex addicts/compulsives who wish to help others that might also be involved in this evil and have a desire to change. One need not be a member of the LDS church to participate here, but we believe that “Sobriety” or “Bottom Line Behavior” has been clearly defined for us in the scriptures and by modern-day prophets. Because of this belief, we are different than other 12-step programs who do not adhere to any particular theology or specific religion.Latter Day Sexual Recovery’s mission is to provide an understanding, non-judgmental environment, available worldwide via the World Wide Web, for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints who are sexual addicts/compulsives, where they can obtain information and education, engage in open dialogue and find support resources so that they can go through a recovery program based on the teachings of the LDS Church, whereby they may overcome this addiction and participate in full fellowship in the church and gain their salvation.Here you will find resources and information on sexual addiction and recovery keeping an LDS doctrinal perspective in mind. This is also a place where addicts/compulsives can communicate with others who are struggling. As the title of this site indicates, we believe the words of the Lord that if we humble ourselves and truly work to overcome, that He can help you tun this weakness into a strength.
(Ether 12:27)

Perhaps one of the most important things that you can know is that you are not alone; either in your sexual activities or your feelings of guilt and shame. There are many church members both male and female who have become involved in sexual behaviors that are seemingly beyond their power to control or stop. Unfortunately, these behaviors can lead to broken families, lost jobs, financial ruin and serious health related problems like AIDS or other STDs . Even knowing this, however, doesn’t seem to make a difference, and we continually find ourselves in the painful cycle of acting out. Breaking this compulsive cycle is difficult and takes time. Addicts have typically been acting out for years, and it may take years to control ourselves.

Because of the strict black and white teachings of the church in regards to chastity, morality and virtue, one of the difficult things about this compulsion is the extreme guilt and shame that we feel as church members. It is often difficult to believe that God can love us and forgive us, but His words are true when he tells us that “…although your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”
(Isa. 1:18) You must have faith in Christ and turn your life over to him, trusting that He will help you and cleanse you.

We hope this site conveys God’s love, compassion and His desire to see us succeed and be happy. Thank you for being here. Please take time to read and learn.

There is help, hope and healing here.

Paul H.