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To participate in any LDSR Forum or Blog, you are required to abide by the following boundaries:

  1. Show civility and respect in all of your messages. While there are many ways one can be incivil or disrespectful, here are a few examples:
    • Accusing someone of wrongdoing.
    • Questioning someone’s testimony of the gospel or faithfulness to the Church.
    • Name-calling.
    • Criticism.
  2. Posts made to LDSR are confidential and may only be shared, forwarded, or saved on your personal computer with the permission of the author.
  3. Do not act out on the board. All of the following activites are considered here as acting out:
    • Inviting other subscribers to make personal contact.
    • Talking about sexual topics in a manner that seems to be intended to arouse.
    • Carrying on a chat-like conversation with someone.
    • Using profanity.
    • Rapidly changing identities so as to confuse other subscribers.
  4. Do not give information on how to contact you, as in email address, AIM name, ICQ Number, or telephone number. Remember that when you invite someone of the opposite sex to have personal contact with you, it may be offensive to that person’s spouse. Collecting contact information through this board will be considered acting out. You may tell subscribers about other forums, but not for the purpose of obtaining personal contact information. If there is a reason to invite someone to another forum that is applicable to them, do so.
  5. Do not put questionable words and topics in your subject line. People read the board from work and other places where such words can draw attention to them.
  6. Do not claim that opinions you give have more authority than that of an opinion, as in claiming that it was revealed to you. Feel free to speak of personal revelation as applicable to you, but do not claim to have received revelation about what someone else on the board should do. Personal revelation is just that–personal.
  7. Do not criticize the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.