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Man Hugs

I’m not sure how to explain why a post about “Man Hugs” is appearing on a web site for sexual addictions. Most men who struggle with same-sex attraction in a context of striving to be faithful to the teachings of the Church will understand. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike

You’re not bothering me. I know it’s hard. I’m listening. Just say it.

Fifteen minutes ago I was paralyzed.  Not totally paralyzed, and not physically paralyzed, but I was definitely hiding in my shell, huddling a little bit, and hiding from the world.  I had a reply from Rusty on the Support Forums that I needed to respond to.  I needed to talk to a friend about going […]

Fear of Success

Cross-posted on Body Images Forum For years, I have battled weight issues. I emerged into adulthood so skinny my dad thought I was going to die, but as the years went on, gained weight–a lot. I went from 6’1″ and 180 pounds to 416 pounds. 80 pounds sounds like a hefty kid to some, but […]

Quitting. Again. Revisited

I just re-read Quitting.  Again. and had some more thoughts about the quitting business based on how things went from the time I wrote it.  Those who frequent the Support Forums will already know that I’m now lined up to be getting to my Temple Recommend for the first time in a very long time.  […]

After Many Days

Impatience is something I fight constantly. I’m the sort of person that once I know what I want, I expect to be able to obtain it as soon as possible, usually by doing some small task and then being done with it. I find it difficult to wait. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike

Heart and Soil

In a Sunday School lesson I attended, the question was asked, “How do we overcome the influence of Satan in our lives?” Though I didn’t specifically hear any wrong answers, I was frustrated that they all had the same basic tone: just decide you are going to not do what he wants you to. 1 […]

His Long-Suffering

Over the years I’ve operated, I’ve seen a lot of people come to our support forums and often go as quickly as they came. Some post, get what they feel they need, and disappear. Some leave, thinking they had finally reached a point of no longer needing the support we offer, only to return […]

The Easy Way

It feels like I’ve always known, at some level, that the gospel of Jesus Christ and all of its requirements are true. Even during times when my life was not in the Church and far away from behavior a believer should practice, I felt deep in my heart that I was doing what was contrary […]

Happy Mother’s Day

On this day, when we in America celebrate mothers, I want to wish all mothers who visit this site a very happy Mother’s Day. It may seem like a strange place for such a greeting, considering the focus of this site. However, it seems to me that mothers here, whether dealing with addiction or with […]

Quitting. Again.

I’m not in a great place in my head right now. I’m a little bit of a mess — not nearly as much of a mess as I’ve been the last month or so, but still a bit of a mess. I’m writing this now because some of the folks who come here are a […]