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For me, that epitomizes the nature of my childhood. There was nothing that could be done to me that was bad enough to overwhelm the love I felt from God. It didn’t really lessen the pain of things like having a lit cigarette touched to my arm or the shame of being forced to perform sexual acts. Those things were as painful and degrading as they would have been for anyone, but thinking of Jesus could soothe anything for me.

The One-Man Myth

I still think that the first thing a man thinks when another man is stumped by, “What did you think of the game yesterday?” is “gay.” It may not be true, but that’s my worry.

An Excellent Question

I once heard in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where I was attending as a support to a client, that alcohol is cunning, baffling, and powerful. I’ve heard the same thing in other twelve-step groups I’ve attended. I am certain that the same could be said of sexual addiction. Looking way back to the days when […]


A common excuse given by someone who has committed adultery is, “I don’t know how it happened. It just did.” While I might accept that it could be true sometimes, I don’t think it usually is for most cases. I know this because I’ve been in situations of my own making where something bad could […]


I’ve heard it a hundred times. Whether here on LDSR, on Clean-LDS, with friends, and in other support systems where infidelity arises as an issue, priesthood leaders usually insist that all contact be stopped. Yet, those who have found themselves in these situations often do not understand and will resist committing to stopping contact with […]

More Subtil Than All the Beasts of the Field

I think that one mostly unexplored area of sexual addiction is how undiscovered acting out affects marriages and families. I maintain that pornography in the home has an effect on the quality of the spirituality of the home, even when it is only the addict who knows it is there. I also believe it has an effect on the quality of relationships with spouses and children.

The Abuse Connection

Some believe that in order to deal with current issues, one must be enough in tune with the past abuse that they can make a mental connection between current problems and the abuse roots. In other words, if I’m having a difficult time with life, it might help me to see how past abuse may be influencing my behavior today.

Without Compulsory Means

Though acting in behavior does not generally fall into the category of sins that would require full confession to a bishop, many of those behaviors are damaging to the person doing them and those around him. They lead to abuse, judgmentalism, fanaticism, and violations of the free agency of others. These, to me, seem to be as serious as they can be.

New Poll: Behaviors

A new poll has been added to the LDSR blog. This poll is intended for those who struggle or have struggled with sex-related behaviors that have impacted their standing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or give rise to feelings of unworthiness.

The Enemy in the Secret Chambers

I think it is especially important for the confidence of the wife of a man dealing with this, that he show that he is putting overcoming as a very high priority. The consequences are terrifying.