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The Abuse Connection

Some believe that in order to deal with current issues, one must be enough in tune with the past abuse that they can make a mental connection between current problems and the abuse roots. In other words, if I’m having a difficult time with life, it might help me to see how past abuse may be influencing my behavior today.

Though My Reins Be Consumed

Yesterday, I had a good experience in Gospel Doctrine class. The subject was the book of Job. I had many opportunities during the hour to reflect on the role of suffering and opposition in my life. There came a moment when the teacher asked for someone to read Job 19:25-27. I raised my hand and […]

Did You Think to Pray?

One of the most interesting phenomena I see is when people slip in their recovery, after expressing a complete understanding of the efficacy of prayer against temptation, yet failing to put it into practice. I know this to be true in my own life. In fact, I have written a lot about the importance of […]