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Following Your Heart, Following God, When Life Is Out of Control and Impossible

The following is my response to someone in a different setting who is having a legitimately very difficult time in her life right now. She started off by talking about the suggestion someone else made that she should follow her heart. I’m not going to include what she wrote, because I don’t have her permission, […]

The Key to My Peace

I’m sad today at the passing of a friend whom I did not know well because of distance, but who impressed me beyond words with his kindness and willingness to go more than the one extra mile Jesus enjoined us. If asked, I think he would have gone a thousand extra miles, and sometimes without […]

How I Let Go and Let God

In the early days of recovery, it’s natural to feel a need to focus on overcoming the behavior. It seems at the time that it is the goal, the thing we’re even bothering with the process for. So, when people start with the platitude to “let go and let God,” and the jargon about “turning […]