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“My Precious, My Stash, My Precious”

For where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Gnolom, from Lord of the Rings, his treasure consumed him, it twisted his soul, it corrupted him, and it was ultimately his destruction. My treasure was my porn, and not just any porn, but my “stash”. This was the best of the best; it took countless hours, and effort to collect it.

What is the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program ?

What is the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program?
In short the program is an Atonement Utilization Program–or in other words Repentance for Dummies
It is a 12-step program centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ, teaching how to utilize the Atonement in behalf of those who suffer from addictions and weaknesses.

The ‘C’ Word

A friend of mine attended the local ARP meetings for awhile until financial and family pressures made him quit. He is doing well and continues his struggle with some success. I have never attended ARP meetings or any other 12-step for my issues, mostly because I don’t struggle with acting out. I have been to […]