Help. Hope. Healing.

Quitting. Again.

I’m not in a great place in my head right now. I’m a little bit of a mess — not nearly as much of a mess as I’ve been the last month or so, but still a bit of a mess. I’m writing this now because some of the folks who come here are a […]

A Long Walk Down a Cold Hall

Four mornings a week I have the same routine. At 3:30 AM, I get up and put on my swim trunks, a t-shirt, and sandals. I get in my truck and go over to the gym. I wait out in the cold truck until about 4:20 AM, when I get out, still not wearing more […]

The Supremacy of the Internal

With all of the tools and resources that exist for dealing with difficult problems, like same-sex attraction, it can be difficult to sort out what is best and most helpful. Not all of the choices are equal, even when they all share the same goal. In The Supremacy of the Personal, I spelled out why […]

Focus on Changing Our Hearts, Not Just Our Behavior

Sex Addiction Recovery Tips from Mark Chamberlain, Ph.D. Focus on Changing Our Hearts, Not Just Our Behavior Imagine that you are determined to circle the globe in a rocketship, and you could choose between two different ways of doing it. Here’s the first option: you could expend enough fuel at the outset to project yourself […]