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A Big Change

After months of trying to decide what to do about the support forums here at LDSR, I have succeeded in writing software to interface with the WordPress bulletin board system, bbPress. At last, the Daily Journal and Spouse Support forums are back being available. 56 people like this post. Like Unlike

Introducing LDSR Mobile

I’m happy to announce the implementation of our support forums in a format more friendly to mobile devices such as smart phones. Some of the features of our support forums are now implemented on a smaller window so that people with mobile devices can post, read, and reply. You can get to the mobile version […]

How to Be a Successful Newbie on LDSR

Coming to LDSR is something usually done in a mixture of sadness and hope. The sadness usually comes from yet another experience where we thought we had our sexual behavior under control, but didn’t. The hope is that an LDS oriented environment will be the trick that will make this time different, that this time […]