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The Enemy in the Secret Chambers

I think it is especially important for the confidence of the wife of a man dealing with this, that he show that he is putting overcoming as a very high priority. The consequences are terrifying.

Bloggernacle Samples – 4/4/09

Here are a few interesting posts from other Mormon blogs relevant to this site: Healing From Pornography Addiction Are Mormons Crazy for Porn? Brain Plasticity and Pornography Modesty and Body Image Feel free to respond to any topics at these other sites or even here. Let me know if you run across anything relevant to […]

Personal Stories: A.K.

A.K. I don’t like remembering my childhood. It was filled with anger and, at times, violence. I’m not sure when sexuality entered into my life. I feel like I’ve always been addicted. I was told when I was older that my mother showed me hard-core pornography to teach me about sexuality. I was also told […]

From Muck to Miracles

A Personal Story by Joe H. I was first exposed to pornography around the age of nine. I was also sexually abused by a teenage girl around that same time. Because of these things and my own curiosity I developed a voyeuristic interest in sex and the female body. I was afraid of my parents’ […]

Treatment and Healing of Pornographic and Sexual Addictions

by Dr.Victor B. Cline, PhD – April 1999 (used with permission) In over 25 years I have treated approximately 350 males afflicted with sexual addictions (sometimes referred to as: sexual compulsions). In about 94% of the cases I have found that pornography was a contributor, facilitator or direct causal agent in the acquiring of these […]