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Counting Days of Sobriety and Staying Sober

Everybody has tried counting days of sobriety. It’s easy. It gives you a tangible way of measuring your progress. When your day counts get larger and larger, it’s encouraging. But then comes the dark side of counting days. It can be a problem when you can’t get past a certain number of days, be it […]

Quitting. Again. Revisited

I just re-read Quitting.  Again. and had some more thoughts about the quitting business based on how things went from the time I wrote it.  Those who frequent the Support Forums will already know that I’m now lined up to be getting to my Temple Recommend for the first time in a very long time.  […]


We’ve had a number of discussions on the Support Forums about sobriety and sobriety dates, especially to the point that there is more to sobriety, particularly in the world of SA, than merely abstaining from acting out. This is from The gospel in words: ‘Sober’ from Mormon Times by Joseph A. Cannon: Generally when we […]

Quitting. Again.

I’m not in a great place in my head right now. I’m a little bit of a mess — not nearly as much of a mess as I’ve been the last month or so, but still a bit of a mess. I’m writing this now because some of the folks who come here are a […]


When talking to addicts (or anybody else) about the solution to SA (or any other addiction or problem), I’m very clear that the solution is God. Getting closer to God, building a strong relationship with God, relying on God, coming unto Christ and being perfected in him, are all different ways of saying that God […]