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A Big Change

After months of trying to decide what to do about the support forums here at LDSR, I have succeeded in writing software to interface with the WordPress bulletin board system, bbPress. At last, the Daily Journal and Spouse Support forums are back being available. 56 people like this post. Like Unlike

The Unattractiveness of Neediness

In my long fight with same-sex attraction and my often burning desire to attract the appropriate attention and love of men, I have learned that men are attracted to certain things and not attracted to others. I’m not speaking of attraction in the sexual or romantic senses. It has long been my contention that all […]

Inasmuch as You Desire a Companion

Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, Stephen Burnett was called on a mission to preach in any of the four directions. In the revelation as recorded in Doctrine and Covenants Section 80, the Lord makes reference to a desire of Stephen Burnett to have a companion. The Lord said: …inasmuch as you desire a companion, I […]

The Last Thing a Friend Should Do

Sometimes, when people ask your advice, they already know what they think they should do about it. When you hear what they are planning, and it isn’t a good idea, the euphemistic thing to say about it is, “That’s the last thing you should do.” What you really mean to say is, “Don’t do that.” […]

When You’re Done Fighting Alone

I think that the biggest temptation with sexual, and any other, addiction is to deal with it completely alone, in isolation. There are so many things working against those of us who struggle with sexual addiction. It takes more than the internal struggle that we can do inside ourselves. 2 people like this post. Like […]

The Supremacy of the Personal

One of my current callings is High Priest Instructor. I have driven home one point about my teaching and about what I expect from classes. I expect responses to the questions I ask to be personal responses. I don’t want someone to expound doctrine, tell history, or talk about their neighbor. I want those who […]


I often hear about how important a spiritual program is to healing from sexual addiction.  Along with that goes the routine emphasis that other programs are not as important and often distractions from the sound principles of prayer, scripture reading, and meditation. It often seems to be an either/or proposition, to the effect that, one […]

Four Principles of Support

Based on a Workshop Presented at the 2004 Conference of Evergreen International Who Supports Whom When we think of support in terms of dealing with addiction, we think of the spouse supporting the addict. In order to truly understand the concepts presented here, you will need to break free of that notion. The principles in […]

Principles of Respect

A Gospel Perspective Based on a Workshop Presented at the 2006 Conference of Evergreen International By Stephen Rex Goode The ideas expressed in the workshop are based on my definitions of the terms as I use them here in my work as a skills trainer of developmentally delayed adults and a mentor to at risk […]