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Webmaster’s Welcome

The many, many people who have been helped by this site should be forever grateful to Paul H., its founder, for the labor of love he began even before the site first appeared.

In April of the year 2000, Paul turned the operation of LDSR over to me, Rex Goode. I find the shoes of our friend and founder of this site to indeed be very large shoes to fill. I hope I do nothing to detract from the vision he had of this place being a resource for hope, help, and healing.

Whether you are coming here for your first time, or are a return visitor, it is my sincere hope that you will discover something of value to aid you in your daily life. If you are a struggler, spouse, parent, friend, therapist, or priesthood leader, you are most welcome here. Please feel free to read the information and participate in the discussion forums.

The path of life is fraught with many pitfalls. Those who have fallen into the pit of sexual addiction are not utterly lost souls, but the way out is not an easy one, though it is a simple one. We affirm that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and by active faith in him, you may overcome the world and its filth. His words are clear and the path he marked, simple and true. We invite you to set foot on that path and let him lead you out of whatever snare has trapped you.

I welcome each and every earnest visitor, but to those who struggle with sexual addiction, I extend a special hand of fellowship. I invite you to participate in our daily discussion journal. I urge you to read the information and articles here to gain some insight into your struggles. Visit the associated links. Reach out to a therapist. Confide in your priesthood leaders.

Most of all, do not give up. In your fellowship here, you will find that there are others just like yourself. They struggle with the same things. Some have found success. Learn from them. Some are struggling even more than you. Encourage them. What is most beautiful about the people here is that they have set their eyes on the mark made by the Savior, and they press toward that mark with faith, stumbling here and there, but always reaching forward. I invite you to join them.

Stephen Rex Goode – Webmaster